Platform Features

We have packed SafeT1st with so many great features! We are incredibly proud of what we have created, and hope that you find all of these great features benefit your experience. If you have any feature requests you would like to make, be sure to head over to our contact page and send us a suggestion. We are always looking for feature ideas and there is no better way of getting these than from our customers as your opinion is the most important. We are continually working to improve SafeT1st to make it the best safety training platform available, be sure to check in from time to time to see all of the new features we are adding.

Simple User Interface

What good is an online safety training platform if trainees and administrators cannot figure out how to use it? Don't worry, SafeT1st has got your back!

Rich Interactive Training

SafeT1st takes a different approach to this by incorporating both text and imagery into slides that flow with a professionally voiced over script that has been state-approved for its content.


SafeT1st offers training in several different languages including English, Spanish, and Arabic. We are committed to providing our training to as many people as possible regardless of language!

Easy Trainee Management

Whether you have one user that needs to be trained or thousands; SafeT1st makes it simple to add and manage your trainees.

Location Specific Content

SafeT1st gives you the ability to upload location-specific images that will be used in the training curriculum. Just upload the images, and the system takes care of the rest!

Certification Expiration Tracking

Tired of trying to keep track of when your employees need to be re-certified? SafeT1st has the solution! Keeping track of your certification expiration dates has been made simple!

Signed Training Certificates

Each printable certificate is signed by not only our leadership but also is signed digitally by every trainee!