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Safety Training For The Digital Age.

The Future of Safety.

Built on the latest technology available, SafeT1st is redefining what a safety training platform can be. From professionally curated class formats, to certification tracking, SafeT1st is a turn-key safety training platform for companies both big and small. We look forward to making your companies safer and giving you the peace of mind that your employee’s have been trained in safety properly.

Why Choose Us?

  • Simple User Interface
  • Rich Interactive Training
  • Multilingual
  • Easy Trainee Management
  • Location Specific Content
  • Certification Expiration Tracking

100% Digital

No more need to keep paper records. SafeT1st is an all digital experience. You can print your certificates any time you like, or simply track them digitally.

Mobile Friendly

Need to train on the go? No problem at all! SafeT1st was created to be mobile friendly. Simply log in and get going on any internet connected device.

State Approved Curriculum

We work hard to create great content for all trainees. Every new course we create we submit to individual states to ensure it meets their standards. Never worry if you have covered all state requirements again. We’ve got your back!

Training & Testing

No more need for preparatory training. SafeT1st’s rates include both safety training and testing. Our testing and training are both state approved and continually updated to meet your areas requirements. All of our content is composed and produced by fuel system experts from Phoenix Environmental.