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We all know it is far easier to learn when doing so in our native language. This simple fact is pretty universally agreed upon. So why then do most training platforms only offer training in one single language? The truth: It is incredibly difficult and costly to maintain. While this simple fact has not changed, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training to our user base and we have decided to take on this difficult challenge. Our goal at SafeT1st is simple, provide the best in class training at sensible prices. In order to do this, it was clear to us that having the training in multiple language formats was essential. We cannot wait to train you in your native language!

Multiple Languages

Having multiple options at no additional cost means you can have the confidence that your trainees will receive the training they require in a language that they can understand best.

Professional Voice Overs

All of the language options retain professionally voiced over courses from beginning to end. No half-measure sub-titles here. Just really great training!

Other Related Features

Simple User Interface

What good is an online safety training platform if trainees and administrators cannot figure out how to use it? Don't worry, SafeT1st has got your back!

Rich Interactive Training

SafeT1st takes a different approach to this by incorporating both text and imagery into slides that flow with a professionally voiced over script that has been state-approved for its content.