Location Specific Content

Need your employees to know how their training applies to their specific location? We agree and have built that right into SafeT1st. For training that requires employees to know where/what to look for, SafeT1st gives you the ability to upload location-specific images that will be used in the training curriculum. Just upload the images, and the system takes care of the rest!

Practical Application

What good is training if your trainees don't have any context? Now you can have confidence that trainees know exactly what to look for.

Per Location Training

Have an employee that is transferring to a new location? No problem! Every profile is attached to a location that can be changed at any time.

Other Related Features

Simple User Interface

What good is an online safety training platform if trainees and administrators cannot figure out how to use it? Don't worry, SafeT1st has got your back!

Rich Interactive Training

SafeT1st takes a different approach to this by incorporating both text and imagery into slides that flow with a professionally voiced over script that has been state-approved for its content.