UST Training & Certification for Class A, B, and C Operators.

October 9, 2020
SafeT1st Shield


Safet1st and staff are pleased to begin our blog October 2020! We will be posting regularly about topics covered in our training. Our dedicated team has been working hard all summer to bring you the most advanced online training for class A, B, and C UST operators out there. We will be rolling out our new training by the end of the month and we hope to see your name on our list of certified Class A,B, and C operators soon.

The UST operator trainings will cover topics ranging from Spill Prevention to Financial Responsibility. Once the training is complete you will be provided with a certification with your name on it and you’ll be certified to begin operating your Underground Storage Tank.

Spill and Overfill Prevention
Release Detection
Corrosion Protection
Emergency Response
Product and Equipment Compatibility
Financial Responsibility
Notification and Storage Tank Registration
Temporary and Permanent Closure
Related Reporting, Recordkeeping, Testing, and Inspections
Environmental and Regulatory Consequences of Releases
Training Requirements for Class A, B, and C operators
These are the topics available for the training packages you may purchase. Note that our goal is to provide a real learning experience. Some topics listed are combined into similar modules within the training. Per 40 CFR Part 280 Subpart J; the A, B, and C operator training requirements have been met.

Thank you for reading our first post. -DS