Signed Training Certificates

While going digital saves time, and money there is something nice about having a certificate in hand. SafeT1st combines the best of both worlds by providing a printable certificate. Each certificate is signed by not only our leadership but also is signed digitally by every trainee! To add an extra layer of security we also include a photo of the trainee on each certificate along with their certification ID. This gives both peace-of-mind and prevents certification fraud.

Prevents Fraud

The last thing you want is someone pretending to be certified under your companies name. SafeT1st puts measures in place to prevent this activity.

Framed Certificate

Our certificates are professionally designed and unique. They look great framed in an office space!

Other Related Features

Simple User Interface

What good is an online safety training platform if trainees and administrators cannot figure out how to use it? Don't worry, SafeT1st has got your back!

Rich Interactive Training

SafeT1st takes a different approach to this by incorporating both text and imagery into slides that flow with a professionally voiced over script that has been state-approved for its content.