Easy Trainee Management

We understand that using a new system can feel like a daunting task. SafeT1st does it very best to make managing system users a breeze. Whether you have one user that needs to be trained or thousands; SafeT1st makes it simple to add and manage your trainees. This includes the ability to upload a .CSV file of new users, and individual profiles for each user.

Highly Scalable

No matter how many users you have, SafeT1st can grow with your companies needs. With unlimited users, you will never need another safety training platform.

Easy To Use

Managing users can be a pain. SafT1st features a simple to use interface that allows you to manage your trainees with no fuss.

Other Related Features

Simple User Interface

What good is an online safety training platform if trainees and administrators cannot figure out how to use it? Don't worry, SafeT1st has got your back!

Rich Interactive Training

SafeT1st takes a different approach to this by incorporating both text and imagery into slides that flow with a professionally voiced over script that has been state-approved for its content.